Climate Controller

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Notes and Credits

It is the year 2078, and Earth is in critical condition. Can you help guide your character through the eco-friendly levels to help save the planet?
-Please read all the notes!
-For the first level, use the mouse to navigate the character through the park as litter pops up randomly on the screen. If you fail the first level, it will repeat itself, gradually getting easier until it can be finished.
-For the second level, (although it is still in the making) trash will move down the screen as you sort them into the correct recycling bins. Just like the first level, it will restart if you fail.
-Be sure to check out my primary account, @anthonythedoodler
-Also, PLEASE don't advertise anything in the comments--if you go to @anthonythedoodler, there is a project specifically made for allowing advertisements, so be sure to comment there instead.
-Most of the art is by me, although some images were found online.
-Music is The Last Frontier by Luke West
-If anyone has any copyright issues, please say so in the comments.
-Hope you all enjoy my game! And always remember to
----------------------------------------STAY GREEN!---------------------------------
-Also, it is a huge honor to be able to call this game the winning project of the Middle School Global Warming contest of Games for Change! Games for Change is a non-profit company teaching students how to code, starting with simple developing tools such as Scratch, and make games to raise awareness about world issues. I chose the topic of climate change because i feel that it is very important. And now, out of all the middle school contestants who chose global warming, they decided mine was the best!

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