Christmas Eve Platformer

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Do YOU have what it takes to be Santa Clause? Test yourself in this complex platformer to see if you can deliver all the gifts in time- without getting seen.

Start a level by clicking on house 1, then 2, 3, 4, 5. You have to WAIT A FEW SECONDS after the blackness fades before clicking a house. You can only click on the house without a check or a locked symbol on it.

Use the arrow keys to move. Avoid the fire and don't let Tera see you. If you are more than 150 pixels away from someone, you're safe! This is probably my best game in Scratch yet, it's taken over 35 hours. Sorry for the glitches.

I took the platformer script and Scratch cat walking sprite from @griffpatch. Everything else is by me, except inspiration from @Schoman3. Also, the fire is by @Will_Wam . Music- Christmas Time Is Here (Instrumental) - Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi

Let's get a Christmas game featured. You can suggest this game (or another Christmas game) at It would be the best Christmas present I could wish for!

The main goal of the game: feel the Christmas spirit! Enjoy your holidays, and have a Merry Christmas!!

If you get stuck, press r.

Walk through:
Level 1- Get to the right
Level 2- Wait for Tera to look the other direction, jump down, move to the right.
Level 3- Jump from block to block to get to the right.
Level 4- Wait for Tera to start walking away, follow her and jump over her right before she turns around.
Level 5- Jump from block to block to get to the right.
Level 6- Jump behind Tera right after she starts moving.
Level 7- Follow behind Tera and leap over her at the last second
Level 8- Jump onto the block and then over Tera
Level 9- Jump onto the block
Level 10- Hold the right arrow key down (I'm so nice :D)
Level 11- Jump over Tera at the right moment to get the key. Then jump back over her to get to the right of the screen.
Level 12- Jump across Tera right before she turns.
Level 13- Walk across the moving tiles
Level 14- free level! Same as 13 (I'm so kind to you people)
Level 15- Final level! Figure it out alone >:D

12/22/16- Initial Release
12/22/16- fixed starting glitch

If you read this far, find a way to put "nutcracker" into your comment inconspicuously (don't make it obvious).

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