Don't be a quiter, Randomcitycats....[1]

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I dunno if it's a trick, but i bet in rl that she is awesome, and her projects are epicly epic. I hate seeing ppl quit Scratch.

serventofGod: I didn't get to know you well enough, and i deeply regret that. All I know is that you were a kind person, and that you were kind to me, but i did not return that kindness well enough. I'm srry.

Uni/Timewhispered-:I don't want her to quit, she's helped me through thick and thin and I belive she just trying to do whats right.
You were the first and only one that noticed and commented on my Neopet projects while others turned away. I haven't been able to talk to you lately since I got highschool and all. You could've went to me for problems that you're having. -the last thing I want for you to is quit and I don't want you to quit. You make amazing projects and spectacular art work. Don't give all that up. You will regret it later.


-yeah, my handwriting stinks...don't ridicule me...=3=

Animegirl87: I didn't really get to meet you... but when I heard I joined in. Don't be a quiter, Randomcitycats. Good luck without us.

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