I'm Pretty Much Done Here.

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I'm like done with this website but there's still things I need to get out here before I stop with this thing for good. Here's why I'm somewhat leaving:
-The lack of creativity. In the past 3 years I've been here, it's been 70% cats (Warriors or not), 20% other things, 10% legit games. Plus, from what I'm seeing on the front page, it looks like the new trending things to get you attention is either stick figures, lyrics taken literally animations, and any sort of contest.
-Second, this place seems a bit (sorry to use this word) cringy. I mean, I'm sort of betting most of the people here who follow me are either 10-13 years old, and lately I've been starting to notice that my undertale and fnaf animation is getting more attention, despite being 1-2 years later since I made them. Plus a lot of the comments are starting to sound the same.
-I don't really have much to show now besides art. I barely animated at all this year and I have a lot of close to forever WIPs. I do have something I can post, but I can't because the file size is too big. So I put it on YouTube. Plus, more of my older things are starting to get people's attention instead of my newer things. I'm also way more active on other places.

So yeah I think that's all. Don't be too disappointed. I mean, I'm just gonna not post here. But I will check messages and stuff.

Notes and Credits

Other places I'm on:
Instagram: CenonPlusFish
Colors3D: CenonPlusFish
DeviantArt: CenonPlusFish
YouTube: Cee

I also made an Amino for my series I want to do in the future if anyone is interested in that. I doubt you are but I need to find some way to get people interested. I mean, I even did a Q&A and barely anyone participated but have the link anyway: http://aminoapps.com/c/unnamed-series-amino

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