Which Avenger Are You?

by Angana
See inside

Click the answer that best suits you and enjoy! Remember to be honest to yourself. You can get:
☆Captain America
☆Iron Man
☆Black Widow
In case you were wondering, I got Black Widow!
Comment what you got please!
Sorry, these are only the avengers of the first movie. The coding with the rest of the avengers was getting WAY too hard.
Thanks ans enjoy! ^^

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Notes and Credits

Coding:- @Angana
Music:- The Avengers Theme by Alan Silvestri
Dedicated to all those Marvel freaks out there!!
Google images for the pictures.

☆ Yeah, I've made another quiz! My last quiz was pretty well recieved. It was even top-loved! I had actually thought of sharing this on christmas buuuuut I'm working on something else now ^^.
So, I basically started working on this 4 months ago but after 2 days, I saw how amazing and interesting this world is and I stopped working on it. Yup, I'm a professional procrastinator ;P. Hope you all like this!

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