Shelter (Porter Robinson & Madeon) Noteblocks for @Scriberz

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7/31/18: A year and a half later and people are still commenting on this? Y'all are too wonderful seriously <3333 also this thumbnail died in Infinity War by Thanos confirmed :0

2/13/18: Jesus, after an entire year, I seriously want to cry. The amount of effort, patience, and passion it took to create this piece was more than I thought I ever had inside myself. Thank you so much to everyone who listened to this project. I can't express my gratitude to have the opportunity to get featured.

Thank you.

11/14/17: I just realized this is the one of the most popular noteblock project to ever be on Scratch. I can't even begin to describe how much that amazes me.

10/9/17: I'm incredibly surprised that people actually keep commenting on this. This project is almost a year old and to still have people compliment it warms my heart <3

7/14/17: I realized that for some reason on the bottom left of the description it won't say when this project was shared xD I can't remember the exact date, but I do know that it was shared before January 15th and after January 5th 2017.

4/1/17: Please, please, PLEASE don't add my project into random studios. I've literally just gaven up on trying to ask people but more and more people keep doing so. PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU, JUST STOP. It's very disrespectful to add a project into a random studio that doesn't fit the theme of the project.

3/7/17: I tried to make the tempo a bit faster to match the original song ;)

2/5/17: If you'd like to hear this without lag:

2/1/17: I just showed this to my IRL frens and they said they were so proud of me for 1. getting featured 2. quote "creating this amazing project". So I'd like to thank them for their kind words x3

1/22/17: That view count is scaring me. 0-0

1/20/17: I'm going to be turning off comments during certain parts of the day since I'm at school/home and I can't respond to them (I may just leave them open all the time but only when it's needed I'll use this schedule) I'll turn it off in the morning. Then during my 5th period I'll turn them on. Then I'll turn them off for the rest of the school. Then when I get home I'll turn them on. Then when I go to bed, I'll turn on them off.


1/18/17: 13 people... more like ORGANIZATION XIII AMIRITE I'll shut up now

1/16/17: Well now 11 people have. That was unexpected. 0-0

1/15/17: 5 PEOPLE HAVE SUGGESTED THIS TO BE FEATURED!! Guys, honestly I would've never expected that. I don't think this type of project would be featured, but the fact you care enough to SUGGEST it? That feeling that people actually care, it's a feeling that feels better than anything else. ;')

Notes and Credits

7/14/17: I realized that for some reason on the bottom left of the description it won't say when this project was shared xD I can't remember the exact date, but I do know that it was shared before January 15th and after January 5th 2017.

Hey everyone! KH16 here.

So a little while ago a Scratcher named @Scriberz (Yes, the one that got featured for her amazing speed paint) requested me to do the song Shelter in Noteblocks. I hadn't watched the video, so I was a bit skeptical at first, but once I did, I was such awe at the wonderful music and visuals, that I just had to make a noteblock song out of this wonderful song.

I was absolutely stunned by the the video itself. The music was amazing, the animation was beautiful, and the storyline was so creative. I can't explain to you how just majestic the video was. Just go watch it for yourself.

Seriously, thank you @Scriberz for showing me that video. Thank you so much. You've introduced me to something that was absolutely beautiful.

I gotta say, this has got to be the best noteblock song I've ever created. On average, this song is literally around 4 minutes, so this is the longest noteblock song I've ever created as well.

When I was looking for sheet music to produce this song with, I wanted to challenge myself. Instead of choosing a simple sheet music with not that many chords, I chose one that would actually make me take my time with. Trust me, this song was NOT easy to make. WAAAY past easy. But I still had fun creating this. I had so much fun making this song.

Once again, thank you, all of you, for being there for me. You don't know how much each one of your comments make me feel. Every time you love, fave, or post on one of my projects, I just feel a bit more happier. I'm happy that I can create content that I enjoy creating and that other people can also enjoy seeing! These past months have been the greatest of my life. It's pretty amazing how many friends you can make off the internet. I've met so many people that share my interest, given me criticism, and overall are just good hearted people in general. ( @-ColorMaster- being one of them We literally have nothing in common but we're such good friends <3) I honestly feel like this website is more of a home than my IRL life, where IRL people can bully, harass, or abuse me however they want and I can't do anything about it. Those times when I didn't have Scratch were the worst years of my life. I always felt alone, never having anyone to talk to. Sure, I had friends, but I never had those kinds of friends where I could talk to about anything. (Well, in 6th grade, I kinda had those friends, but before that I was lonely as heck) While I tried acting "happy" at school, it wasn't a surprise to me to just cry out of no where. Especially since I had the same emotionally abusive teacher in 3rd and 5th grade (Mrs. Crow I'm looking at you, if you wanna know more about her, just ask @topforlife or in the comments) my life was pretty rough. But when I discovered Scratch, I didn't feel like that anymore. I felt like this was a piece in my life I was missing, I honestly feel like my mental health has gotten exponentially better.

I love this website so much, and I never want to leave it.

I take every single comment, love, and fave into gratefulness and it turns into my happieness. So thank you. Thank you all for making me such a better person and for making me feel less depressed. Thank you, all of you. ;)

Music Sheet:

Other YouTube video I used for the ending:

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