Taco Tapper 1.0 (Original)

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----------------------------------------Taco Tapper!-------------------------------------------Are you a couch (or in my case, "chair") potato?
-Do you like driving you parents crazy by tapping the mouse?
-Do you like Scratch games?
If so...
-Tap that taco like crazy and earn coins that (somehow) the taco drops!
-Go to the shop and buy legit upgrades to make YOU rich!
-Fly though different levels and become the ultimate TACO MASTER!
P.S. No batteries included.
P.P.S Not that you needed batteries or anything...

Notes and Credits

(3/22/2017) - No more Beta Version! Fixed "shop button bug" and making level 2... Dun dun dun!
(3/23/2017 - Level 2 in progress! The Castle is done for now, with one upgrade, but it's FAR from done! I'll be working!
(5/11/2017) - One more upgrade on The Castle... Bound to do more!
(5/31/2017) - Since school's out, I can work my game more! I'm almost done with The Castle, so be expecting a level 3 soon - The City! Also, I'm thinking about putting in music my brother made.
(6/5/2017) - I would be great if you guys could remix this game and see if you know how to fix any bugs. Thanks!
(11/6/2017) - So, I haven't been on much, due to me getting a new computer, so I can't use my old music, either. But I did finish The Castle and have started The City, added bux, added a pawn shop, and added burrito effect (burrito inside the safe, use key from pawn shop to unlock). Biggest update yet!
(6-9-2018) - Something (family related) happened to our computer, and with Scratch banned at school, I haven't had any time to do anything! Working on it... /:
(10-13-2018) - Well, we got some devices to work on, so I'm back at it again! I may add another level, but I'm not sure... we'll see!

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