Connect 4 v1.9.2

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29/12/14 - FEATURED!!! :D I never thought this would happen, thank you scratch team! And @sweetpea1100 for suggesting :-)
I just came on scratch, and I looked at featured and I saw 'connect 4 v1.5' by sprite746 and I looked at messages and I had 66. :D
For the sake of replying 'thanks' to everyone, I'll say it right here to everybody: Thanks so much! :-)
ps if you don't have anything nice or constructive to say, don't say it at all. -_-
pps: please check out my other projects! (especially if you like pokemon! :p)

Finally it's finished!
Instructions: PLEASE READ!
Use the arrow keys (left and right) to move the counter. Press space to put it in that column. You are trying to get four of your coloured counters in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Notes and Credits

Link to my new game, Trails:

Please check it out!

Please, stop complaining that it's too easy, I tried my best to make it harder, and if you don't know how to, why bother complaining? If you know how to make it harder, then post it in the comments and I will. (or remix it made harder and post a link in the comment)

I have made the cpu slightly smarter, now it should put the counter either in the column you put your counter or a column next to it. Hopefully this will make it more of a challenge. (thanks to @UltraJordan for this idea!)

If you are finding glitches, you might want to download this to the offline version (it might work better) but idk.

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50 - achieved
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300 - achieved! (are you serious?) o_0
600 - achieved! (DOUBLED since last time I checked?!?!)
700 - achieved AS WELL!
1500 - After a very long time, we have reached 1500 loves! Thank you everybody :D
UPDATE 16/01/15: 1000 favourites thank you everybody!!
UPDATE 5/05/15: Finally 1100 faves :-)

This took me ages to make. It is a classic two-player game of connect 4.

Ok, I finally made it automatically spot when you've won due to hot demand and people not reading the instructions.

Enjoy playing!

v1.9.1 - minor update - added 'previous costume' block
v1.9 - made cpu slightly harder (credit to @UltraJordan for idea)
v1.8 - more bugs fixed (double click green flag bug)
v1.7 - various bugs fixed, automatic win because of demand
v1.6 - FEATURED!!!!
v1.5 - added thumbnail
v1.4 - added 1 player (at last!)
v1.3 - added 'nobody wins'
v1.2 - added more colours, confetti.
v1.1 - added title screen and colour pick

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