3d Surface Grapher

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See inside

You can plot your own 3d surfaces. I have included several examples for you to view. To create a parameterized equation you need the x, y and z formulas along with a beginning and ending "u" and "v" as well as the number of steps in those respective intervals.

You will need to be "See inside" in order to modify the equations.

Click and drag to rotate. You can use the roll out menus for other options. You can blend the colors in the "u" or "v" areas to try and improve your viewing experience. Could still be some bugs - just let me know and I'll try and address them.

Notes and Credits (added by TheMoSmiths)

12/28/2016 - Added Breather, Pseudo Hexagon, Richmond Surface, Snake and Swallow (they take some time to load but are worth the wait)

Arithmetic evalutator from @griffpatch (very cool project)

Loading screen from @mrlog https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/10129611/

Inspired by @CodeLegend remix https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/25646375/

3d Projection based on the @Raucket

(I'm just along for the ride)

Some equations taken from the MathMod program
https://sourceforge.net/projects/mathmod/ and some just from google searches.

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