Zombie Squad V2.2

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Notes and Credits (added by NeoCranium)

(Go to <A href="http://www.switchbladegaming.com">www.switchbladegaming.com</A> to Set Up your Controler with This Game. The Mouse would be looking and Space would be Fire. For Player 2 Up,Down,Left,and Right arrows are Movement; I,K,J,L keys are aming device. You already know the Weapons Keys. Also for Player 1, 2 is SMG, 3 is Shotgun, 4 is Rocket Launcher, G is Gernade, and 7 is Sniper Rifle)

Note: Once game loads, tap the Green Flag twice for proper start up. Tell me about any glitches at ANY time. Please. Some computers can't play on Zombie Squad V2.2. because of overflow memory. You guys will have to download it.
Heroin Controls (P2): Up,left,right,down arrows to move. Aiming syster is i,l,j,and k keys. H is Pistol, Y is SMG, U is Shotgun, 7 is Gernade and 8 is for Sniper Rifle. Also for P1 and P2 press O to trigger the Teleporters.

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