Flowers- Speeddraw

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Flowers- speeddraw

(Please read this, many questions are answered here)
Thanks for my third feature! Thanks @beccarecca for suggesting!

Never fear, spring is here!

Click the green flag and insert costume switch time gap (recommended 0.05)


Taken inspiration from , i created my own version of nature formed into a face.

This was an unfinished project i decided to continue with, and voila!

I'm very glad I didn't have to spread it out on two projects, and so i decided to make the shading more simple on the yellow flower and stems.

Frequent comments:

"It looks like a face"
Yep! That was the goal. To make a drawing of flowers whilst being a face.

"Anyone who can see the face is creative"
Not necessarily. This can make people who don't see it feel bad as they think they aren't creative. Everyone is creative is different areas. If you don't see it first time, i'll take it as a compliment!

(Comment a type of flower if you've read this. If you have tysm <3 )

I hope you like it!

@FontGod for the font Mango smoothie
Original artist for inspired by picture
Me for the art and coding

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