LTL - Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

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it rhymes
Guys, this took me 5 hours to make. Please hit the fav and love buttons, for my sake. Oh wait, that's button abuse! Don't hit them, what did they ever do to YOU?
But seriously guys, let my work pay off.
Guys, what's up with remixing and giving no credit? For now and on, I will report every remix wit no credit.
I have asked one of my friends to dryly reply to hate comments or insult them if he has to. No hate!!!

Notes and Credits

Credit to @thoyal, google, and myself :)
Please, no hate, no complaints, no random reporting. Please.
Go see my first LTL:
SHOUTOUT TO: @Epicguy48 for adding this to the LTL studio
100th person to love this proj: @cs483566
500th person to love this proj: @BabyCherry
1000th person to love this proj: idk i got too much mail to tell xD
2000th person to love this proj: idk about this one either xD
Over 5000 views?!? Woah, dats a whopping lot of views
Over 10000 views?!?!? O-O no comment honestly
Over 50 remixes?!?!? But none of them changed in any way...
Lesson of the day: The remixes in 2016 are meant to steal fame :(

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