Windows Vista Simulator V2 (Original)

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Windows Vista Simulator V2
The most polished Windows Vista simulator on the net. Try it out! Originally made by @colorgram back in 2010, updated for the future.

Windows 10 Simulator (newer & better, unlike the real Windows 10) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Accurately scaled graphics & sound effects
- Interactive apps & interface (task tray, rearrangable gadgets, etc)
- Authentic visual effects (glow, animations)
- Unsurpassed polish & stability
- Multitasking
- Fast! (really fast!)
- Now with multiplayer highscores (just defender3 for now)
- Finally bug free*

Please note this simulator has been copied several times over the years without attribution (some clones even frontpaged). Therefore there are over 280 remixes (as of jan 2016) that don't show up in the official remix tree and credit this project to the wrong person.

I encourage you to remix (& documentation in included to help, see comments inside project) but please credit the original author appropriately ( @colorgram ). (Usually this is automatic)

Feedback is always appreciated

The original, scratch 1.4 compatible version from 2010 is here:

Version Log

Planned --- v2.10 coming in 2045 (only 29 years away!)

v2.9.0-1 Dec 21 15/Aug 23 16: Windows 10 Simulator backports: Your username in the start menu. Performance optimizations for cloud data manager, taskbar clock & start menu button.

v2.8.0-3 Nov 15 2015: Added optional logon password entry, final bug fix, optimizations, cosmetic tweaks, under-the-hood stuff.

v2.7 Sept 6 2015: New defender3 & barcode generator. many fixes

v2.6 Sept 4 2015: Added HW utilities, rewrote start menu, improved d3 + volume + drawing app, many minor adjustments

v2.5.0-3 Aug 28 2015: Added & tuned desktop dragging, added music, ui tweaks

v2.4.1-2 Aug 2 2015: Bypass Stage3D, polish music app

v2.4 July 31 2015: Added music app, fix time bug, polish start menu

v2.3 July 30 2015: Rewrote gadgets, clock & volume adjustment. interface debranded, bug fixes, gfx polishing, optimization

v2.2.1 July 24/25 2015: Minor fixes, sound + gfx polishing

v2.2 June 28 2015: Added boot skip button, updated tray behavior, fixes draw app bugs, beautify boot sequence, minor optimizations

v2.1.1 Jan 31 2015: Workaround Stage3D graphics blurring

v2.1 Jan 11 2015: Added draw app & developer guide, various code & stretched image fixes, optimizations, scratch 2.0 compatibility

v2.0 Sept 26 2010: Shared
v2.0 Oct 16 2009 - May 2010: Created

Project IDs of copies not in remix tree:
violated guidelines: 12197025/34958040/2144543
good faith: 2492436
trees: 2731905 (dup)/42486938 (210)/10423727 (29)/12395008 (43)

Random notes to future self
- Update shooting range, HW Manager. Logoff button, change colors, multiplayer draw.

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