FishGear Version 1.0

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Translate text-2-fish and fish-2-text in this version.

Here is some help.
Click the button that says 'English-2-Fish' and it will say 'Fish-2-English'.
That means that the text you enter is in fish language and the translation is in English.
The help is this code:

*t;;:$ l=) bt;p:8t x: ec,*ktl>^ *t>t l>t ,:8t c=,x>spxc:=, := *:b x: s,t ec,*ktl> 't>,c:= d^h1 ¬:s pl=x s,t placxl;,$ gtpls,t ce ¬:s ):$ x*t¬ p:8t :sx ;c-t x*c,1 &t>>:>|^ gsx :=t k>tlx x*c=k c, x*lx ¬:s pl= ): x*c=k, ;c-t x*t,t t£l8a;t,1 4t^ x*t 8:>t ;txxt>, ¬:s ):$ x*t ;:=kt> cx xl-t, x: ;:l)^ l;,:$ x: p:a¬ x*t xt£x$ :=pt ):b=;:l)t) l=) x>l=,;lxt)$ k: c= t)cx 8:)t l=) *ck*;ck*x x*t xt£x c= x*t g:£^ x>¬ x: p:a¬ l=) al,xt p:88t=x, := at:a;t, a>:}tpx, c= wec,* ;l=kslktw gsx l;,: a:,x l ;c=- x: x*c, a>:}tpx ,: x*t¬ pl= *l't es= @*:ates;;¬` l=) )tp:)t cx^ ,:$ *l't es= l=) t=}:¬v

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