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Click and hold the mouse. Trump Donald.

This project is yuuuge. Believe me, the effort to make this project was tremendous. My projects are the world's greatest. And I mean that in every sense of the word. Look at what they do. And I have a friend - a very good friend. I'll be honest - a great friend, in fact, believe me. And this friend - he's a very smart guy - he tells me that what I'm doing is great work, very very good work, that my work is the very best. I've had so many people call me and, now, you remember when I made a project a week ago - Oh, and the code is beautiful. I love the code. And those people who called us said " @comp09, you've done us a tremendous service, because we do have a problem with projects."

And what I want to do is find out what - you know, you can't make great projects until you find out what people like. And I want to find out is the problem - what's going on. Is this project worth sharing? And I say, oh yes, it is. Now do me a tremendous service: star, love, remix and follow - that would be tremendous. What people are telling me is that after they hit every one of those four buttons, they'll never have any regrets.

My project is so popular. It's the most popular project on Scratch, thanks to all you tremendous people. All of that stuff about griffpatch is all fake news, a hoax made by and for the Chinese. Scratch just doesn't work. It's broken. It's a mess. Our debt is tremendous. At this rate, Scratch is going to be dead. The corrupt liberal media's constant negative press covfefe

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