[BETA] Blazing Heart ~ An Emotional(?) Platformer About a Hedgehog and Cat

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(Please, guys, just play and respect this project. I created this because I wanted to and I love Shadaze. I will delete, and report if necessary, any negative comments.)

NOTE: The boss battle is now working, even though the cutscene is glitched up.

You may have heard of the "Damsel in Distress" trope. This uses it but inverts the genders!

When Shadow is captured by Dr. Eggman, to use as an energy source, Blaze, his love, has to rescue him.

Instructions are in-game, but just in case:

Left/right arrow keys - Run
Up arrow key - Jump
Avoid gaps, goo, and bats
R key- Restart current level (in case you get stuck)
X key - Fire
Z key - Throw lilac to where the mouse cursor is positioned
C - Access cheats, for those who are about to rage quit (Password is needed!)

The ending depends on whether you defeat the boss or not. If you defeat the boss, you access the happy ending. Otherwise, you access the sad ending. (FYI: The happy ending is the true ending.)

*whispers* Try to find the easter egg!

(The boss is actually easier than the levels, don't worry.)

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Notes and Credits

I will follow the first one who completes this game without any usage of cheats! I will follow anyone who completes this game without dying (cheats cannot be used).

This is currently in beta, which means there are several bugs and mistakes (most notably the ability to fly). Please report and tell me how to fix 'em. (FYI: The preview was in alpha stage.)

Credits in-game but in case (there are more info here than in the project):

SEGA for the whole entire Sonic thing

Shadow sprites: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/2426747/
Blaze sprites: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/854479/
Dr. Eggman sprites: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/2319892/

Touching Story - Kevin MacLeod (used in first part of intro)
Egg Dragoon Boss Battle theme - Sonic Unleashed (used in second part of intro)
Cold Water (piano cover) - Original by Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber, cover by New Piano Tutorials on YouTube (used in game)
Love Me Like You Do (8-bit remix) - Original by Ellie Goulding, remix by 8-bit Universe of Youtube (portion used, used as invincibility theme)
(Idk what this is called, despite the file name being "Scratch Party") - ??? (used in easter egg)
Call Me Maybe (piano cover) - Original by Carly Rae Jepson, cover by Noah Thys (used in game, cave part)
Live and Learn (main vocals removed) - Sonic Adventure 2 (used in boss battle)
Credits music - Sonic Adventure 2 (used in sad ending)
There is Romance - Kevin MacLeod (used in happy ending)

Laser from Scratch's Sound Library
Jump from Sonic '06
Blaze's Death Scream from Sonic '06
Fire SFX from Sonic '06
Explosion is from https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/137164690/
Boom in sad ending is from YouTube
Open is from https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/647875/#player
Kiss in happy ending is from YouTube

GIF used in easter egg is from the music video of "Tripod Baby" (Shadow the Hedgehog remix)
Explosion GIF is from Club Penguin Wiki
All art not credited before is by me
Programming all done by me, with some help from the Scratch Wiki

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