Eyes Cube

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Eyes Cube, a 3D vector game made to test your limits.
Use LEFT & RIGHT arrow keys or A & D to control BOTH of the cubes to dodge the falling blocks and achieve a high score!

❤️‍ Press R at the start of every game to reduce lag! ❤️‍
Press R to swap between lag saving mode and non lag saving mode

You can play this game with another person if you want! Or you can control both of the cubes yourself. :)

The "go back x layers" block was the reason why I spent a week on this game... DX but a LOVE and FAV would be MUCH appreciated!! X)
I'm working on the buttons!
If you're able to, try to remix this project with some new features like new color schemes or even new characters!

Thanks guy! :) - k11

Notes and Credits

Wooahhh 110,000 views!! Thanks everybody!! :D

Featured! much thanks MIT Scratch Team for featuring this and @miniepicness and to anyone else for suggesting! <3 - Nov. 27, 2016

Worked everyday for over a month on this. (~100 hours)
The isometric 3D graphics took an incredibly long time to design. It turned out to look decent! Your love would be strongly appreciated! :)
Thanks @IcyCoder for allowing me to use your beautiful vector-made icons for some of the buttons <3
Music: Avicii- Levels, Alan Walker- Spectre taken from @ScratchU8.
- Megaman music for impossible mode >:)
ALL art and graphics designed by @kevin_eleven_1234 and in the Scratch vector editor! Took me days of hard work, but it paid off!! :)
All Code and text engine by @kevin_eleven_1234
Heavily inspired by an iOS game Eyes Cube by Ketchapp.
Update Log:
1st love and fav was from @8161056!
Featured! -Nov. 26
1,000 views! -Nov.27
11,000 views! -Nov. 28
18,000 views! -Nov. 29
24,000 views! -Nov. 30
2,000 loves and 1600 favorites! -Dec. 1
29,000 views! -12/2/16
34,000 views! -12/10/16
38,000 views! -12/18/16 Came off from the featured section.
47,000 views and 2660 loves! - Jan. 15, 2017
I just found this game on 3 game websites! -Jan. 15, 2017
53,000 views! -Jan. 25, 2017 (this is my most viewed project! :D)
66,000 views! -Feb. 19, 2017 (2nd viewed project!)
70,000 views! -Feb. 26, 2017 Thanks guys <3
76,000 views! -Mar. 10, 2017 Happy Mario Day! :D
78,000 views! -Mar. 14, 2017 Happy Pi Day! <3
80,000 views! -Mar. 19, 2017 Oh my goodness1 Thanks!!
90,000 views! -Apr. 17, 2017 So close to 100,000 O_o
100,000 views!!! -May 22, 2017 THANKS EVERYONE! <3
Why is this gaining views at such a fast pace after 4 months from being featured? Normally, an old project like this would not be gaining a steady 500 views a day. That's awesome, thank you all! :D

If this gets front-paged or even FEATURED, then I'll make a character shop, different difficulty modes, and even different colour schemes!
Okay, I will start working on all the stuff I've listed above :D Stay tuned!! Check out my other games for more thrill!
Peace :)

Enhanced my text engine!
Added a "Global points gathered" cloud variable!
Added impossible mode!
Added a few new skins! (More skins await)
Added an eye shop!
Added 20 characters!!!
Added A and D controls!
Added a pause button!
Added the ability to press R to reduce lag!

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