The Galatical Android vs Apple

See inside

So the battle between Android and Apple continues!

Story: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... the Androids and Apples are at war. At first, the Androids seems to gain the upper hand, securing victory after victory. Until, the Evil Darth Lord decided to deploy their newest Death Star Weapon; Siri!

Left Arrow: Move Left
Right Arrow: Move Right
Up Arrow: Jumps (the longer you press, the higher you jump)
When Touching Boundries/walls: You will bounce back of the walls/boundries of the game when you ran into it. Use it to soar over the game!

Catch as many Android phone as you can to earn points!
Apples worth more points, but will summon Siri if you eat too much.

Notes and Credits

**Made the game a bit harder to make it more of a challenge.

**Changed the animation of the Laser. Comment below if I should revert it back or not!

**Update: Due to massive requests, there is now a way to skip intro! Just click on the screen during the intro to skip it. Have fun and thanks!

**WOOT Thanks for all those fans (either Android, Apples, or my game's) out there! More than 12,000 views in 5 days, thank you all!
And a special thank to QuietSpirit who helped featured this project.

**NEW VERSION 2.3 is out!
2.3 Update Log:
Fixed the Win Scene where it says "Better luck next time."
Fixed the glitch where you die when shot at Siri.
Added a new feature: Type "blue", "black", "red", "purple", and "green" to change the color of Android!
2.1 Update Log:
New game Menu!
New How to Play Page!
New Notes page!
Able to win now by blasting at Siri!
Fixed the glitch where the blast didn't disappear after starting a new game
Fixed the Cheat Code

**See the "Notes" page ingame.
**Submit your own phone for the game! (Any kind will do :))
**Thanks to all those commenters, I noticed the glitch where you win and die at the same time. I will fix that immediately when I get home.
***Strike one above, I fixed that already. ^^ But thanks!

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