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Work in progress (instruction further down after this brief message)...
Things remaining to do are as follows:
1. Need to ensure the regeneration of ship does not land in middle of collision (gets annoying to loose a couple of ships that way in early levels). Similar logic to hyper drive (finding open field with largest available space)
2. Need to add bonus items (alien ships(done), shooting stars, etc) to get either extra points, limited shields, teleport (hyper drive), extra fuel.
3. Added risk items (a special alien death ship that is reflective to bounce laser back)… (done)
4. Need to add fuel limit per ship (adrift in space mode)
5. Need to adjust asteroid speed to be in proportion to size (smaller are faster)
6. Fracture angle should be somewhat randomized
7. Need asteroids to adjust trajectory when they collide (no fracture)
8. Twinkle background
9. Use sprites for points, level, and highscore (i.e., need number sprites 0…9)
10. List of initials for highest 10 scores.

Current Instructions:
Use the arrow keys (up, down, left, right) to move the ship forward, backward, turn left, turn right.
Use the space bar to fire.

New ship for each level cleared, but limited to maximum number of ships depending on mode selected. Level = number of starting asteroids. In Terrestrial mode the motion is single-step (high friction) with 1/10/100 points for asteroid sizes, 4 ships to start with a 5 ship limit. In Space mode the motion is space-like and things can get insane quickly (in space no one can hear you scream); points are 10/100/1000 with 8 ships to start and a 10 ship limit.

Notes and Credits (added by RocketRedNeck)

RedNeckSideKick did a great job to start at the SPARK programming session. Working with him and Secondo we have now added two motion modes (Terrestrial and Space) that can be clicked and the cross screen boundaries.

Learned a bit about race conditions in testing for collisions.

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