Text engine 1.922 speed update

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This is my RPG style text engine. I use this in basically all my games which has some talking in it.

feel free to use this

It's being updated all the time, let me know if you can think of any improvements

Notes and Credits (added by Jconway1)

Further updates - Now if you surround your text in either [ , ] , { or } you can give your text a few nice effects

e.g. this is an ]example of waving text]

Minor update - added vertical centering
Major update - added text interruption. Sometimes you read faster than what's coming up / or you've read it before - this allows you to skip text straight to the end.

So I've only just had chance to test out this engine on my faster computer, turns out it was running slow even on this thing wow! I wish someone told me haha. So I changed some stuff up and now it runs a lot more smoother - check it out!

decided to check out the project in Phosphorus to see if it would run any faster (plus my next game, due to it's size, it might be a requirement to run it there) I noticed a small glitch, it would make an extra unneeded clone, something to do with how loops work in both of them. All fixed now.

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