Guy Maker! [COLLAB] [CLOUD]

remixed by myed
See inside

-Press the green flag to start.

-Press the question mark icon for help.

-Press "J" to open the jukebox.

-To change the eyes, while editing the body use the R, W, D and F keys to change settings.

-To use stamps, click stamp and use space to change stickers and the arrow keys to turn it and make it bigger. Click to stamp it on.

-Comment bugs!

Notes and Credits (added by myed)

This project is a collaboration between FullMetalBunny and myed
This was one of the most complex projects we've done on scratch.
-Please be patient as the browser loads - It won't take long
NAMES ARE FILTERED. - If loading is slow then turn on turbo mode while it loads, then turn it off after
3/11/16 Added more music!
4/11/16 Improved Graphics
5/11/16 More Clothing and Colours and stamps!
6/11/16 Text saving!
10/4/17 Stop detection
11/4/17 Huge speed improvements in loading and more...

Secret guy code:

Cloud list by Leafino - much faster than my original system.

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