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11/1/16 - 1000 views!!!!!!!!!!! #1 is my lucky number!!!
11/1/16 - 1000 viewer is @giovanni123123
11/2/16 - I have added my new outro!
11/3/16 - I have changed the background so tell me what you think if I should keep it or go back to the old one.
11/6/16 - We have almost reached 10000 views! My goal is 10000 views, 1000 Loves, and 1000 Favorites!!! SO LETS MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!!
I would like some suggestions for more Music Videos!
11/7/16 - OMSG (Oh My Scratch Gods)!!! We have just hit 10000 Views I really want to get 1000 Loves & Favorites!!!
11/10/16 - We have just hit 99 remixes and I would like at least 100!
11/14/16 - We have reached all of our goals so thanks for all your help!!!
11/18/16 - My new goal is 50000! Lets try and make it happen!
11/21/16 - Today I have learned there is a kid in my class who is jealous that I have a bunch of views! I never thought he would ever be jealous!!! Thanks for all the support!!! So please spread the word about my project!!!
11/28/16 - Today I have added my newest LOGO INTRO [PEN] CHECK IT OUT:

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