Cloud Platformer Multiplayer Fun v1.21

remixed by griffpatch
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Notes and Credits (added by griffpatch)

[Cursor keys] - To Move and Jump
[Space] - Use special ability (if you have one)
[T] - Safe Chat   [X] - Discard power up  [R] - Respawn
[N] - Toggle Names [L] - Reduce Lag
[H] - High Scores  [A] - Achievement list

Other players can hop in and out of the game so if you don't see anyone you just need to wait for someone else to join at the same time. If you are a 'new scratcher' then I'm really sorry to tell you this won't work for you yet (you need to graduate to Scratcher status!)

Tip for wall jumping - To wall jump, simply hold up to jump, touch a wall and then pull away STILL HOLDING THE UP KEY :) - Never let it go while wall jumping, that's the secret!!!

Want words adding to the safechat?

08 Oct 2017 - Updated - bit less laggy? Improved flappy bird

26 Sep 2017 - I've limited the achievements to only record the
      latest 360 players to have played (keep revisiting to
      ensure you keep your scores!)
30 Mar 2016 - Sorry, had to reset the achievement table again... It just gets too big!

24 Feb 2016 - Yep... You can proper safe chat now!

23 Feb 2016 - Improvements for performance ingame. Changes to tractor beam to only allow picking up of stationary people and not function when small or large.

21 Feb 2016 - Big underlying change to use touching sprite + new powerup station & minigame! Tractor beam massively improved!

18 Feb 2016 - 12 new achievements - Got to work together now!

16 Feb 2016 - Ordered achievement saving to try to reduce save lag even further...

12 Feb 2016 - Implemented faster achievement saving, had to reset achievements... Improved general speed of game. Good luck!

6 Jan 2015 - Reset High Score table again... too big!

30 Sep 2013 - Initial Release

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