Spin Scratch's new 3d tank!

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Notes and Credits (added by AddZero)

See how fast you can spin Scratch's tank.

Just click and drag to the right or left then let go.

Grabbing it while the mouse is still, stops it.

The model is for a 3d tank game I'm working on. Don't worry, it shoots mostly harmless hair balls. When it's done, I'll release the source files.

The art was made with a free 3d program called Blender, available from blender.org. It has A TON to learn, it's interface is very different. If you want to learn. I'd suggest watching the video tutorials and getting help in the forum. I think would have learned 3d much faster if I had those tools when I started learning about 10 years ago.

Do you want to make your own spinable 3d objects? Love this and I'll make a tutorial, and setup files that will make it easier to spin your own 3d models in Scratch.

I'd be honored if anyone was able to use any of my work in their project. Please don't just copy- try to make something new from it and at least give me a little credit in your project notes.

To whoever designed the Scratch cat: awesome job!

If you want to see a test of the 3d game engine I'm working on: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/AddZero/130436">http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/AddZero/130436

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