~Mysterious Pen~

by gloom-
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Notes and Credits

         "Carry me with you
       beyond the borders of society.
        We'll live in the woods
      and create our own secret world.

         Let go of what was,
         let go of the past.
        Be one with the trees
         and be free at last."
                  ~ Natalia Crow

~100% pen (except for the branding)

~I tried to make it look like the pen was reacting to the movements of other pen. Did it work??

~ Does anyone know how to control the pen shade as a variable or control it so the shade doesn't get too bright or too dark?

~Ah! @Bubble103 and @_Fern_ loved and faved this!

~FEATURED!!! tydvudrdvurdus! (such a cliche response, but I'm too amazed to be original right now!)

~ I want to thank Ms. Poop, because her soul is dark like mine.

           Update Log
~ 10/27/16: Shared
~11/5/16: added fade thingy to make it more three dimensional
~11/5/16: added music
~11/7/16: FEATURED!!!!!! icyrcbnrcrc!!! (so cliche, I know. But I'm too excited to be original right now!)


~Original pen script - @Rosyda
   ~Modified by- me, @Gloom-
~Text - Google drawings
~Program used: scratch. Scripts for the pen, vector editor for the branding.
~music "Just Like Fire" instrumental by P!nk


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