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See inside

Press the green flag a few times
so it is on time I guess?

Edit 21.12.16 : OM!!!!!!! What!!!! I just came home from school and checked on scratch and i had 2126 messages!!!!??? As I was reading, i saw many were saying congrats for being featured? Aaaaaa thank you all so so so much!!! <3

Notes and Credits

First of, I want to thank EVERYONE for being so kind, supportive and look where I am now? It's all thanks to you guys, thank you so so much!! <3

This is SOME of my animations I've done in this year a few months after my birthday!
^^ ^^ ^^ my birthdays in 3 months . should I be excited?
Edit 16/7: My birthday was months ago now lol

I did this because I really wanted to see the improvement I've done from scratch to medibang and whataya know? I reached 400 when this happened!!!!

Looking back at my old animations terrifies me

I own ALL these charries (except for the blue one with green eyes in the second animation)

I DO NOT own all these MAP's that the animations are for - only do I own the we rise map part ^^

SONG IS : Lush life . Zara Larsson
(I picked this song, cause I can I felt the others sounded too depressing XD)

Love you all <3 ^^

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