Minecraft: Story Mode | Episode 1 [GAME]

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<<<15 May 2018>>>: Check out the trailer for my new series (Minecraft: Story Mode - Origins) here:https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/216179709/

<<<8 Oct 2017>>>: TYSM Scratch Community for 50 followers! Go to my Q&A at https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/174891498/ !

<<<1 Oct 2017>>>: Guys. Seriously, I know I'm getting a lot of views, loves and favourites on this project, but my other story-mode ain't getting enough views, loves and faves. So please, just check it out here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/169197192/

<<<9 Jul 2017>>>: OMG LOVED BY @-Cinematic- ? Thank you so much!

When the buttons appear, choose what you want to say. When the white squares appear, press on them to get items or go somewhere. Press the green flag to restart (This will restart the whole game, be careful! It won't save!). Please comment on any bugs and give feedback! If you like it, then love it, favourite it and follow me!
Code: @MasterChen114
Pictures: Youtube, Planet Minecraft, Google Images
Music: Minecraft: Story Mode - Main Menu
Story: Telltale Games, Mojang (adapted)
Characters: Telltale Games (adapted)
Update Log:
<<<18 Apr 2017>>>: In the v1.0.5 update I tried to tweak the interactive part (but it seems to glitch still).

<<<11 Apr 2017>>>: Go to this link and read the top message! https://scratch.mit.edu/users/MasterChen114/#comments-33035773

<<<10 Apr 2017>>>: v1.0.4 just includes a new starting page.

<<<28 Mar 2017>>>: Yay! 80 favourites, 13 studios and more than 1250 views and 100 loves! I have now removed the so-called "swear word" because of random people reporting me. This will be no more!

<<<23 Mar 2017>>>: Went away for 3 days, 150 views, and 10 loves...came back with 1100 views, 85 loves, 6 studios and 3 remixes!? OMG thanks for the support! The v1.0.2 update compresses the giant script for the interactive parts into a [repeat until <>] block.

<<<20 Mar 2017>>>: The v1.0.1 update just includes some minor changes.


<<<14 Mar 2017>>>: The v0.3.5 update changes the 250 second fire run to a 50 second fire run. It also adds the machine to destroy the Wither Storm.

<<<13 Mar 2017>>>: The v0.3.4 update adds the Temple of the Order of the Stone. Fixed the bug where you go all black after the hi-five and the restarting of the fire game.

<<<12 Mar 2017>>>: Celebrating 125 views with a v0.3.3 update! This adds a fun game where you have to avoid the fire for 250 seconds.

<<<11 Mar 2017>>>: The v0.3.2 update adds throwing (and failing to throw) the potion. Several bug fixes.

<<<10 Mar 2017>>>: The v0.3.1 update includes the choice of saving Lukas or helping Gabriel (choose to save Lukas. Just sayin'.).

<<<9 Mar 2017>>>: At last, the v0.3.0 update is here! I am now officially working on the final stage before the release of v1.0.0!

<<<8 Mar 2017>>>: The v0.2.11 update adds the Wither growing. It also adds the choice of saving either Gabriel or Lukas.

<<<7 Mar 2017>>>: The v0.2.9 and v0.2.10 update add the choice of keeping the potion or giving it to Axel. It also adds his basement collapsing after the Wither is unleashed (although they don't know it's the Wither). Of course, it adds the Wither as well. Major bug fix.

<<<6 Mar 2017>>>: The v0.2.8 update adds the inside of Ivor's basement and the choice to take his golden sword or give it to Petra. It also include's Ivor's "fancy potion".

<<<5 Mar 2017>>>: The v0.2.7 update adds Lukas and his girlfriend Petra. (Yes, I know, Petra isn't Lukas's girlfriend, but I already said it was "adapted".)

<<<4 Mar 2017>>>: The v0.2.6 update adds Ivor and his secret room. Minor bug fixes.

<<<3 Mar 2017>>>: The v0.2.5 update adds the stage inside the EnderCon Dome and showcases the Ender Dragon and the four members of the Order of the Stone. Minor bugs fixes.

<<<2 Mar 2017>>>: The v0.2.4 update adds the EnderCon Dome backdrop and improves the EnderCon Building Competition.

<<<1 Mar 2017>>>: The v0.2.1, v0.2.2 and v0.2.3 updates include the announcing of the winner, the EnderCon backdrop and two (Skip) buttons to use when the interactive parts glitch out. Minor bug fixes.

<<<27 Feb 2017>>>: Yay! Celebrating the four-month anniversary of the sharing of this game with a v0.2.0 update! Also, from now on, I will be listing updates and changes!

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