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# Change colour by using arrow keys.
# Use cookieJar to share cookies globally
# Click the cookie to collect cookies!

Attention NEW SCRATCHERS: Unfortunately you are unable to use highscores, World Cookie Count and cookieJar until you become a Scratcher.

I hope you enjoy and utilise this project to his fullest potential!

Created by @user4567

Notes and Credits

Jan 25 - v 1.5.1 Fixed audio loop (finally updating for once :P)

Dec 12 - v 1.5 Christmas Update
APR 28 - v 1.4.4 Grandma Bug fixed
In game fixes/changes
MAR 15 - v 1.4.2 In game fixes
FEB 14 - v1.4.1 Valentines Day special
FEB 9 - v 1.4 - cookieJar!

FEB 9 - v 1.3.2 - Celebrating 20000 views with 60% off Lab!
Price fixes - Grandma 175 and Cursor 50 cookies
Bug fixes
FEB 1 - v 1.3.1 Design improvements
JAN 27 - v 1.3 - BRAND NEW design
New features/bugfixes

JAN 10 - v 1.2.2 Changed some prices - **in testing**
JAN 3 - v 1.2.1 Cookie Monster can be turned on or off by pressing
the C key
JAN 3 - v 1.2 Cookie Monster!!
Bug fixes/changes
Removed christmas items
Reset high score
Colours are back! (Press the down arrow)
Another New title screen
Happy New Y
v 1.1.8 New title screen
v Small changes/bug fixes
v 1.1.7 Christmas Special!
v 1.1.6 Bug fixes
v 1.1.5 Music added! Thanks to @TheParlight for the suggestion!
Music from:
v Rainbow cookie (without lag) Thanks to Pastaman11223344
v 1.1.3 Fixed Cookie Tree bugs
v 1.1.2 Updated intro banner
v Added 3000 view banner
v 1.1.1 - RAINBOW colours. Press R to activate/deactivate

v 1.1 - Improved interface
- Cookie Tree - you can collect diamond, gold and silver
- Colour options (blue, grey, purple, green, orange and red) -
using down arrow key
- Bug fixes
- Removed Halloween features
- More new features
v 1.0.8 20% selected items for 2000 views!
v Minor bug fixes
v 1.0.7 Added shiny back!
v Added back button
v 1.0.6 Fixed more bugs
New banner
More changes
v Fixed bugs
v 1.0.5 Halloween feature!
v 1.0.4 Grandma Love! Celebrating 50 loves on Cookie Clicker!
v 1.0.3 More difficult (cookies per second less)
You can use the space key to click!
Bug fixes
v Minor changes
v 1.0.2 New title screen
v 1.0.1 Celebrating 1000 views! 1000 cookies!
v 1 New Design
Bug fixes

BETA 1.6.1 Some Glitches fixed
BETA 1.6 'World Cookie Count'
BETA 1.5.1 Falling cookies complete
New wallpaper
BETA 1.5 Falling Cookies - Still in the working
MAJOR BETA 1.4 Added all items
Bug fixes
BETA 1.3.1 New cookie animation
BETA 1.3 Mine added
BETA 1.2.2 Added the ability to remove items
BETA 1.2.1 Cursor fixed
BETA 1.2 More Difficult
- Factory fixed
BETA 1.1.1 Title screen
BETA 1.1 - Cookie High Score!
BETA 1.0 - This project launched (Sep 26 2013)

TOP LOVED GAME ON FRONT PAGE 17/11/13 and 18/11/13 (AEST)

Cookie Clicker is owned and created by ©Orteil
This game is a scratch remake.
Credit to @CRKBGaming, @iAmMutun, @FlipnoteMrMan, @Fennekins, @Game_Over and @MagiCoder for features of this project.

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