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Chris was an intern at the famous school named "Aperture Academy", a school for clever children. As soon as he came there, he was fascinated by the underground facility known as Aperture Laboratories. He even met the CEO and Founder of Aperture Science, Cave Johnson himself!

Chris was sad as he had to leave to move back to Luxembourg. But years later, he returned to Aperture to work there! But he arrived right before "Bring your Cat to work day", the day where GLaDOS unleashed the neurotoxin. He was one of the surviving employees and was put into stasis. He managed to survive in it for several hundred years, but a large BOOM woke him up from Stasis! Soon he was to find out that King Turret has tooken over the facility, leading to the war between Team Turret and Team GLaDOS. Chris was a man who hated war, so he started waking up other test subjects to help him end the war between the two robotic teams!

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