Potato Revolution (New: Scene Select!)

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Welcome to The Potato Revolution, the game where the protagonists want to wipe out humanity! (Well, in a roundabout sort of way.)

It is recommended that you play with the brightness on your monitor turned up while playing, some scenes are quite dark.

Space bar to advance dialogue.
WASD to move while in tunnels.
Click to interact with objects. When you are in range of an interactive object, you will be able to tell by the fact that you can see it.

I don't know why this took as long as it did, but here is the long overdue sequel to my very first front-paged project, Potato Simulator! If you wish to play that, then here is a link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/130859821/

As with the original game, story drives the gameplay, as opposed to the other way around; as a result, do not go in expecting anything strategy-based, or even anything particularly intense, (depending on attention span) save for the end. Think of it as more like an animation with gameplay segments.

Notes and Credits

Any glitches, errors or typos you find, please tell me in the comments section where and when the it took place so I can find it quickly. I am aware of a glitch near the end where the text box goes all weird, stopping the project and starting again should fix it.

Warning: This game contains dramatic/cringeworthy plot twists! Be prepared for a couple moments of "Gasp! Character A was really Character B the whole time"!

Also, playing all of the game's content takes about 20-30 minutes (probably more if you don't know what you're doing), so strap in. That said, a lot of the content can be skipped.

It's been 15 potato years (two weeks) since the loss of an innocent young spud sparked an effort to overthrow the human race.

The plan nears completion, and the humans have not an inkling of the imminent consequences of persecuting the potatoes for so many years... But the element of surprise is not enough. The humans would win in a landslide, the potatoes don't stand a chance. It is your job to stop an revenge-crazed potato from leading all of potatokind to its doom! (Insert dramatic music here.)

Fonts and graphic design by @-Antarctican-
Fog sprite and ambience for the surface by @mrchickenman2

This project was started on 29, Dec 2016. Then I forgot about it for several months and properly got going in March of 2017. Also, to clarify: The share date says April 2017 because I accidentally missed the save button in the editor and shared it many months early. Its actual share date is December 1st, 2017.

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