Morsealfabetet -- En tränare

by mobluse
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Press a green flag to start. Answer a question by typing the Morse code using "." and "-" or "i" and "a" and press Enter. If you answer incorrectly, an error counter appears. At the end of the quiz the time it took in seconds is shown. You can change the visibility of the Morse chart by clicking it. You can move the sprite on the stage by pressing the arrow keys, but first you must click outside the answer field. You can also drag and drop the sprite.

Notes and Credits

This program trains you in the Swedish Morse-alphabet. The program is in Swedish. The Morse-alphabet is taken from . You may also want to read: .

The Morse chart comes from A. G. Reinhold.

Here is a useful page where you can also train on sounds: .

I used the algorithm shuffling from my TI-83 program Aritm, and this in turn comes from Fisher–Yates shuffle:

This program is rather general and could be used to learn e.g. names of students or of plants.

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