Sans Simulator 2 Player Edition REMIX!!! remix (WIP)

remixed by Deavay_Rm10
See inside

P1: (Sans)
WASD - Control soul gravity
Z - Fire bones
X - Summon Gaster Blasters
IJKL - Move Sans
Space - Change Soul Color (Gravity/No Gravity)
Bones/Gaster Blasters Go to your mouse and they point to the soul.
(NEW) Press 1 to switch Gaster Blaster size
(NEW) Press 2 to switch from normal to long bones
(BY WR0) Press 9 to remove all platforms.
(BY WR0) Press E to switch to between Blue, White, and Orange bones
(NEW) Press C to add a platform, press V to add a moving one.
(NEW) Press 0 and while touching a platform with the mouse to delete it
(BY WR0) Press Q to swap Blue Bones w/ White, and vice versa.
(BY WR0) Press F to swap Blue Bones W/ Orange, and vice versa.
(UPDATE) T to blink the screen.
(UPDATE) R + WASD For bone walls.
(UPDATE) Keys 3-8 for Special Attacks (Uses Magic Energy!)
P2: (Soul)
(UPDATE) Flag + [O]: Three player!
Arrow Keys: Move
(BY WR0) Mo: Initiate Fight
(BY WR0) Arrow keys + P: Move Knife
(BY WR0) Green bones spawn every so often.

Notes and Credits (added by Deavay_Rm10)

If you have any Ideas please let me know. I will give shout outs for the best Ideas. All credit goes to WrongfulRanger0.

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