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by j3or
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Stats: (Scratchers only)
22,175,000+ cookies clicked!
~48,830 hours wasted!
~$1,220,180.58 worth of man hours wasted!
Comment ideas down below and have them implemented!
Click on the cookie to earn a cookie!
Buy upgrades to get automatic cookies added!
Find out how many of each thing you can get before you get bored
and post it in the comments below!
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Notes and Credits


Play the biggest update yet with 4 new things to buy and a HUGE UI Change!!

Bug Fixes:
-Numbers wouldnt increase when the following items were purchased:
-Farm, Alchemy Lab, Mine, Time Machine.
Status: Fixed

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New elements from @user567

10,000 cookies free for the next 11 days!
Additions: 1.2 (4th of July update!)
*Cookies now spawn based on items purchased
*4th of july update will start you off with 4714 cookies (4th/7/2014)
Bug Fixes: Global Time and cookie glitching when Grandma Ap was purchased

(7/2/2014) 1.1.6
*Cookies world wide now shows rather than being a hidden variable
*falling cookie
*now shows total time played world wide!
(7/1/2014) 1.1.4
Bug Fixes:
*Fixed Negative cookies per second bug

(6/30/2014) 1.1.3 MAJOR UPDATE
*Bug fixes:
Grandma Apocalypse record counter with cheat mode resetting
*Added thumbnail!!
*Details for cheat mode!
*Added Cookies Per second counter!

(10/1/14) 1.0.0
Final Version released
Neater Layout
New background
*Added Cookie Portal
*Added Factory
*Fixed Minor Glitches

Jan 2nd, 2013
*Added generator and Grandma Apocalypse

Jan 1st, 2013
*Added factory


Original Game:

Design and Upgrades:
@j3or (ME)
Idea for Grandma Apocalypse:

Script layout:
Thanks so much to @Nextology for the idea of showing when you have enough cookies to buy something.


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