Roast A Marshmallow!

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The game is pretty self explanatory but here we go anyway:
First you type in a nickname in the answer box. You can either click the check or press enter.
Second, you can choose a skin tone. Press space to cycle through the choices. Then you press "DONE" when you are done.
After that, listen to your guide, Layla. Then you can click on a stick to learn about it and decide whether you want to keep it or discard it. Type either "keep" or "discard" if you type a different way of writing keep than I said, you will discard the stick. If you click on more than one stick before answering, you will have to answer multiple times. So don't do that.
After you keep the stick, you can listen to Layla tell you how to roast your marshmallow. It is a little bit confusing so sorry about that. Basically what she's saying is that, when you get to the game part, you need to press the up arrow to make that meter pointer go into the yellow area's direction. You don't want the pointer to go into the red area or the yellow area. Also the roasting stick on the right is just a representation of what's happening. I'm sorry if it's annoying you. After ten seconds of success, you win. Otherwise you lose.
Then you can end the game or play again.



Notes and Credits

Publish Date: 10/28/16

All artwork is mine (except for the meter and the meter pointer). I don't really know how long it took me to make this. If you see any issues, can you please tell me? Also, I was going to add music but it made the program really laggy. Though that might just be my computer. Remember to tell me if anything is wrong!!

Have fun playing the game!

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