~ Inertia ~

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      Hey ! Welcome to my new game, inertia !

         The concept is simple:
    Use the arrow keys to move and avoid enemies!

     But be careful, the difficulty is based on your
     INCREDIBLE inertia ! will you master it ?...

         ❖ GAME MODES ❖

    Classic: just the original version of the game :)
   Faster: difficulty increments faster, for a quicker game.
     Bonuses: just more bonuses for more fun !

          ❖ BONUSES ❖

     Bonus life: 1 more life. simple, huh ?
   Shield: the shield will protect you from one hit.
    Bomb: Just kill one half of the ennemies
   Luck: less enemies, more bonuses; yahoooo !
  Repulsive: some scary eyes to repulse the ennemies !

     (bonus durate 16s or until you get hit)

Notes and Credits

   • All code and graphics except the font are by me •

        Post your scores down here:

  And don't forget to ♥love & ★fave if you enjoyed playing !

           ❖ HIGHSCORE ❖

      Highscore by Auroura_Wolf is 4:55
        [ difficult, classic mode ]

           ❖ MUSIC ❖

        Vexento - Masked Heroes
          OMGF - Ice Cream
       Mr.Gimmick! - 3: Happy Birth Day
     Happy Chiptune (youtu.be/7inlPoDzn3Q)

Wait. Do you think this project just deserves to be Featured ? o_0
    >> https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/4228481 <<
   Just go post the link and keep your fingers crossed ! :D

          ❖ CHANGELOG ❖

   You can find the complete changelog inside the project
     It was getting too long in the Notes & Creds'

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