EverLife OS

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Welcome to EverLife OS, a brand new os on scratch !
Ther is a welcoming tutorial when you log :D

► App list:
- Settings: customize your EverLife system here.
- Music: take a time to relax :D
- Draw: let's show us your drawing talents !
- Writer: just a place to type some stuff.
- Platformer: ok do I really have to explain this ?
- Block breaker: let's destroy some bricks ! (and the score :p)

► Versions:
1.0.0 [15/03/17] - Initial release
1.0.1 [16/03/17] - Minor fixes
1.1.0 [18/03/17] - Cloud implemented, better window UI
1.1.1 [18/03/17] - Basic draw saving system
1.1.2 [19/03/17] - Game fixes
1.1.3 [04/04/17] - New refreshed design

Notes and Credits

An OS created and designed by @Blue_Science
Inspired by Fiber OS and all other OSs :)
Full credits below - please scroll down

In case of bugs or with glitchy screen please press [Space + A] before complaining. Thanks ! :D

► What is planned in v2:

• More apps. Some goodies like camera and a pictur will be added.
• File saving. You'll also be able to save ALL your files on the cloud (including writer and drawings).
• Improvement. Some apps like Draw or Writer will be even better on their final version :)

► Credits:
- Cloud being implemented - *searching a new engine*
- Platformer modified from Fiber's games.
- Images from a bunch of other OS. I couldn't remember all of them

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