Series of useful hacked blocks.

by xlk
See inside

Click see inside to see a series of blocks which have had their string inputs replaced with variables. example:
(item [1] of list (variable))
<key (variable) pressed?>

Don't believe me? Press the green flag, then press "@" and see (AltGr + 2) what scratch has to say about it. Press 2. no trick

Also, ever wanted to set the pen to ANY color at any time? now you can, with a simple variable! More info inside.

Notes and Credits

used winrar to do this.
I am not responsible for whatever damage any of these might do to your projects (which I doubt they will...) nor any screw ups of yours (which is more possible).
No need for credit, but if you find anything useful and would like to use it, a favorite would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know which ones work and which are duds/useless in th comments, so others will know beforehand.
So far:
-lists and variable related blocks
-pen related blocks
-"key (variable) pressed", works, but is really laggy. works even with symbols like @ ½~¬# I'm dead serious.

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