Virtual World Map (Step 1: Array mapping)

by JimmyC
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GOAL: to create game that takes place in a large virtual map that the user can navigate around to accomplish the game goal.

INSTRUCTIONS: At this point, just keep hitting the flag and a new randomly created map will appear.

NEXT STEP: Create a map that extends beyond the 18x18 grid displayed here. I will start with a 36x36 grid map...

Notes and Credits

SO FAR: This is step one. I wanted to see if I could randomly generate the elements of the map using blocks (e.g. green=grass, brown=dirt, blue=water) and then sometimes objects would be located in some blocks (e.g., flowers, cubes) and then have all that map data held in a list and then displayed quickly on the screen. There are no arrays in Scratch so I used four lists but made sure the item numbers in each were synced.

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