Simple and Fast Pen Text Engine

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Notes and Credits

Simple and Fast Pen Text Engine, a Project by @TheMachinumps!

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Make your own fonts here: (More details inside the project!)

By the way, this project took me only a few hours to make! Nothing more that a day =)

- Music: Synthescissor - Undertale: Bergentrückung + Asgore (Arranged)
- Script: @TheMachinumps
- Fonts:
Edgie (originally made for SFPTE)
Cuttoff (originally made for SFPTE)


How do I use the blocks?

Inside the sprite "SFPTE", you should have some comments. Follow the instructions over there!

It's the third day after making this engine and it already has over 40 loves and 25 favourites?! Thanks a lot!
This project is getting popular really quick! 86 loves and only 344 views! The loves to views ratio is AWESOME! If my math is right, then, every 4 views, this project gets a love! (344 / 86 = 4) Higher than any other project I made =O
Oh, and thanks @griffpatch for loving it! (as @griffpatch_tutor)

It was a while since I made a new, decent project =)

Here you have it!

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