I quit

by Melzi
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Let me make this clear I'm not quiting because of views, or comments. I'm quiting because most of my friends gone, People are under minding my art, and Scratch has become an egotistical place. I'm sick of hearing people say the only reason I draw well is because I'm 17. Just because I'm not 10 or 12 doesn't make me a bad artist, stop using me as your marking point. A bunch of my scratch friends are gone, and scratch is becoming a place of lonelyness for me. Not to mention my designs are being stole. Come on all my charactor designs are fairly duel why bother stealing them. I don't care if you're famous, you're nothing to me if you have a big ego. There is no such thing as "The best artist" because no mater how good you are, someone is always better. I'm sorry to the few friend that I'm leaving, I'll miss you guys.


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