~Ѽ~ ᑭUᗰᑭKlᑎ ᑕᗩᖇᐯlᑎG ~Ѽ~

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Notes and Credits

ᑭUᗰᑭKlᑎ ᑕᗩᖇᐯlᑎG

Please read ALL of the below.

~~ᕼOᗯ TO ᑭᒪᗩY~~

1. Pick a pumpkin by pressing space. You can change the pumpkin any time (except after you click 'Done').
2. Pick a stencil (OPTIONAL). Use the two orange arrows to navigate between stencils and click on one to add it. The 'Size' variable will change the size of the stencil. (Click the 'Hide Stencil' button to remove the stencil so you can add a new one.)
3. Carve! Use any of the 4 knife sizes to carve your pumpkin. The feathery effect will make the lines you draw look feathery. (PLEASE NOTE: Do not have the feathery effect on while you choose a new knife. It will draw a line across your pumpkin.)
4. Done! Click the 'Done' button and lean back to enjoy your work.

~~~ᑎOTEᔕ & ᑕᖇEᗪITᔕ~~~
The feathery affect I made by accident when I was trying to make it look more 3D. I liked it though, so I added it as an effect.
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Credit to:
~ @-IcyMango- for Ѽ. ;)
~My brother for annoying me enough to make the triangle pumpkin. (Don't ask. xD)

~Ѽ~ᕼᗩᑭᑭY ᕼOᒪᒪIᗪᗩYᔕ!~Ѽ~

If you read all of this, type 'pumpkin8' in the comments! ;) (unless you don't want to. ;P)

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