Spin Art

by scmb1
See inside

Choose a color and click the spinning pallet to paint.

The stop sign is nice for looking at your finished artwork!

Notes and Credits

Credit for inspiration goes to a spin art toy I had when I was younger.

Everything you see on the screen is rendered in pen! It was an interesting challenge to make work.

How it works (in a nutshell):
The splatter is made by assuming the paint starts sliding at the same speed it is moving around the circle and then slows down at a constant rate until it stops. The project then saves the paths of paint in polar coordinates-- storing the angle of the paint and its distance from the center. Every time the screen renders, it draws these paths at these locations with the angle offset by the plate's current location.

Feel free to ask questions!

1/12/2017: Fixed bug that caused paint to occasionally shoot across the plate. I think. Let me know if you see that bug again.

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