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Build and play the zombie apocalypse scenarios of your dreams. I mean nightmares.

Originally, a complex level saving and loading system would allow players to play through a slew of pre-built campaign levels, as well as save multiple of their own levels. However, during a hiatus of construction, I forgot how the level loading system worked, and the original plan was abandoned. Unfortunately, the ghost of the intricate system leaves its mark on this project in one way, a negative way: the ridiculous loading time spent between building a level and playing it. There should be no reason for a loading time at all, but the system insists on loading the level into its variable lists and then reconstructing it. The idea for a full campaign of levels leaves its mark on the project in the pitiful "Scenario Idea" pane.

Fortunately, a new game called "Zombyard" is in development for the Pico8, in which you will get to experience in your web browser a zombie campaign originally intended to be in this Scratch project. You will get to experience a slew of levels including the one suggested in the "Scenario Idea" pane of "Zombie Scenario Maker." I will post a link here as soon as it's released. Until then, check out more info and screenshots at this thread:


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Created in Scratch 1.4. Too big to be uploaded. Scratch 2.0, file size limit lifted. But anti-aliasing, bad. Broke game. Fixed now, with chunkier ugly lines. But works. For first time ever online. Why am I talking like this.

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