Multidirectional Scrolling Platformer Base With Enemy AI v1.1

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This is an even more complex scrolling platform example. I was asked to make it multi-direction using Scroll X and Scroll Y, so here you go! The main thing to note is that to make the backgrounds you must name them as a two digit number (the first is the x index, the second is the y index of where the background should be positioned).

Can you let me know if this lags now on your PCs? Also, I needed to alter some of the scripts a little to make it work... I might back some of this out or change it around till I find the best way :)

Notes and Credits

Multiplayer Version ->
Mario Galaxy Style ->

*** Updates ***

* Updated Player Sprite, Added more level for fun :) - Added Player respawning if he drops off the map.
* Added a moving platform sprite.
* Added Scroll Y
* Improved Enemy AI :)
* Commented Scripts + Bug

If you have any ideas, or want me to extend this project with more features then let me know.

What this project has: Horizontal smoothed out Parallax Scrolling, Simple player / level Collision Detection and fixing, Gravity, Smooth variable height Jump.

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