Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3 (Final Update)

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Click on the screen to get to the main menu, then select a mode.

Select a mode.
CLASSIC starts you in a normal match, TOURNAMENT disallows players to touch the edge of the stage or they lose (a "ringout"), and DECAY mode constantly drains BOTH players HP.

{Character Selection}
UP and DOWN to change 1P's character, and LEFT and RIGHT to change 2P's character. Click on the biggest character portraits for 1P and 2P when you are ready to fight.

Player 1 : Use the arrow keys to move, or otherwise to attack press P,L, or M and the arrow keys at the same time to trigger an attack. Press O to power up, U to teleport away from a blast, when near it, I to activate "Hyper Mode" which cancels out super attacks completely, and J to transform and gain more HP.

Player 2: Use S, Z, X, or C to move, or otherwise to attack press A, Q, or W and S, Z, X, or C at the same time to trigger an attack. Press D to power up, E to teleport when near the opponent's blast, R to activate "Hyper Mode" which cancels out super attacks completely, and F to transform and regain health.

When a character has been knocked down to 0 (or less) HP or if they have gotten a ringout in tournament mode, the other player wins.

{Extra Tips}
+Currently a few character that have transformations include Goku, Vegeta, Vegeta from BUU Saga, Teen Gohan, Gohan, Trunks from CELL Saga, Gotenks, Broly, and others.

+After a certain amount of damage has been dealt in the fight, the whole stage will be destroyed, and cannot be reverted back.

+You must have BOTH of your players on the characters you want at the selection screen BEFORE clicking.

+Change the STAGE by pressing numbers 0 through 9.

+No more characters are being added to the game, but there may be some new transformations scripts put in from time to time, so please stop by every so often.

THANKS FOR READING!! Please enjoy and don't forget to comment below. :D

Notes and Credits


GOOD MAMA 100K!? Been awhile since I updated this game, but i appreciate the support!

Press Flag Multiple Times to Play! Read the notes below please.

The final update for Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is here. 140 characters to take control of, over a dozen moves, and a few new features to the mix.

August 8, 2016 Update:
{Added Vegito Transformation}

June 16, 2016 Update:
{Improved Instructions}

September 20, 2015 Updates:
{Transformations for Some Characters}
J for Player 1 Transformations
F for Player 2 Transformations
{AI Activation}
Y+Left for Player 1 AI
Y+Right for Player 2 AI
{Main Menu and Character Menu Changed}
{Randomize Character Selection}
1 to Randomize Player 1's Character
2 to Randomize Player 2's Character
{2 New Modes}
{Some Characters Have Higher or Lower Health Than Others}

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