[LTL MAP] Riptide AMV

by Cenetical
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FYI: LTL means 'Lyrics Taken Literally)

It's finally here! The MAP is completely done! Probably the first LTL MAP ever! Thank you all for participating in the MAP! :D Now here are the list of people who collaborated (give them some love <3):

Intro: Me
1: @Wolf_Undercover
3: @AkheelEpic
4: @Sandstorm5
5: @JoCLee
6: @ilikeCHEEESE (account deleted)
8: @scratcholord
9: Me
10: @BullRusterxXl15
11: @GLECK (again)
12: @scratcholord (again)
13: @chaotic_audrey
14: @toxicdeparture
15: @Sillypad02
16: @NightcoreSkitty
17: @Cartooninator ( @SonicCsM)
18: @-BluHead-
19: @cooldogdude20

This MAP took four months since people were very inactive or unable to do it. I have to replace five-six people. :(

Also, for white-background entries, I just added background to make it vivid. There were white backgrounds which means that it was part of the entry or I cannot add background. I did it to make the entries look glorious.

Anyways, enjoy this MAP! Happy new year... but this isn't the Happy New Year project. I have a project made in October to prepare for the Happy New Year so watch out for that (probably going to be released on New Years Eve and spoiler; it features VeMuS and Celeste too, the OCs I used for my entry)

-Cooltext (https://cooltext.com)
Font - Psychosis & Killer Ants

@forever- - The inspiration of creating the fad of LTL and MAPs. Together, I built one LTL MAP. xD
-Everyone who participated, thank you so much! <3

Vance Joy - Riptide
Outro Music: Waterflame - Time Machine

The Riptide Official video in Youtube looks like it has the same theme, but it's a bit less 'LTLish'. That's how I got inspiration to set the theme for this MAP. Check it yourself that some parts are 'LTLish':
The song is so catchy and fun to listen! No wonder it holds the record for the most weeks in the top 100 of the ARIA Singles Chart!

2/1/17 - How to start a new year indeed. It looks like one of the participants ( @GLECK) and someone else ( @TheFlamingFox77) actually recommend this to be featured, and it did! Thank you guys! <3 Then @GLECK's brother @weirwolf06 became my 100th lover. xD @MixMatchMagic is the100th favourite.
4/1/17 - Thanks guys. You blew up my mailbox by a record of 1029. xD 738 favourites and 950 loves. 7394 views?! OM-
5/1/17 - 1060 favourites, 1337 loves and 12320 views?! It's just three days since it got featured... I GOT SEVERAL QUESTIONS! :V
12/1/17 - 1516 favourites. 1892 loves, almost 20000 views?! I give up. There are better animations out there! :V

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