The Chest 2 (v1.401)

See inside

An ancient and mysterious chest lays dormant in the middle of a vast field.. what secrets could it hold?

- WASD or ARROW keys to move
- CLICK or SPACE to attack
- Toggle music and sound effects with the buttons in the top right

Can you get all the badges?

Notes and Credits

- Still a work in progress, more to come :)
- The Chest -
- Music is "Second Wind - Outdoors" from Newgrounds

17/01/2017 (1.4) - Added a new area! new enemies, and new skin! more features coming soon!

5/12/2016 (1.311) - Changed how cursed mirror is unlocked.

6/10/2016 (1.31) - Changed the way cursed mirror works, it now resets upgrades and money only and gives you a 5% money boost each time you do it! + new badge and skin + bug fixes.

4/10/2016 (1.3) - Added new area, new enemies, a new skin and potions!

2/10/2016 (1.281) - Added 2 new badges, a new skin and fixed some bugs + typos.

29/09/2016 (1.27) - Added 2 new badges, a new skin, thumbnail and fixed some bugs. +SPACE key option to attack. New area coming soon!

28/09/2016 (1.26) - Added new companion and skins + bug fixes.

27/09/2016 (1.25) - Added character skins, a new badge, a new companion and a new upgrade! + bug fixes.

24/09/2016 (1.2) - Added another area! along with 3 new enemy types. Also added 7 badges for you to unlock.

23/09/2016 (1.12) - Started adding companions, just one available at the moment!

22/09/2016 (1.1) - Added a new location! along with new enemies. Also added a new upgrade and fixed some bugs.

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