JavaScript Interpreter v1.0

See inside
Notes and Credits

ESC + shift to run.

It ISN'T slow,It just doesn't seem to refresh when wanted.I'll fix it soon .Isn't slow anymore. fixed

Learn JS in I didn't like create a total new language.
"How many... Scribbles and splashes"!!/?
I'm gonna put the instructions in a thread.. just wait.
There! (new one)
I'm gonna make a more detailed thread... Just wait

Guys This Interpreter doesn't contain all JavaScript features,But it has cool features

Good Things
1)Custom reporters(return functions)
2)Access to un-accessible data(pen size,pen color,pen shade, color effect, etc...)
3)1 new data type... Objects(others are string , number, array,boolean,function)
5)this keyword.
6)function scope
7)break, continue
8)while loop!?!?!
9)new keyword
10)No need to hack scripts anymore?!
11)Cool Colors
12)forgot it..but it's still here
I think that's all of them.
Bad things
you can find these on the thread

Other Built in functions
ArrayLen length of array
ObjNames array of every name in the object
ObjVal array of every value in the object

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