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This project lets you make patterns. You draw and colour a design and it is repeated or tessellated to fill the stage.
Full Screen mode is best to control your drawing!
You can click the Demo button to see how the project works or read the fuller description below.
*** I would like to see the best designs you make with this project!
Put them in the Tessellator Studio https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/3439903/
To Save a design, press the "h" key then right-click the stage.
Then open a new project, click the stage icon at the bottom left of the stage, and below that select "upload backdrop from file" to add your pattern.
** It would be nice to write in the Credits: "Made with the Tessellator https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/121443146/ by Scratch-Minion" **

Here is a fuller description of how Tessellator works.
1) In Draw Mode, hold the mouse down and draw your shape in Black. You can choose White to erase.
It is best to draw some "closed" shapes so that you can fill them with colour later. Full Screen mode is best to control your drawing!
You may choose to draw lines to join corners of the guide square, but you can draw anywhere on the stage except in the top sixth.
Your drawing will be repeated across the stage (equivalent to the size of the guide square).
Look at the shape you are drawing. You may be able make it into a picture! Birds, People, Fish and Abstracts are likely pictures.
2) Click the Draw Mode button to switch to Colour Mode.
Select a colour, then click the stage to fill an area with colour.
The same area in every second tessellation will also be filled with the colour. Again you cannot click in the top sixth of the stage.
If an area does not fill completely with colour, click again on the unfilled area.
3) You can switch back and forth between Colour and Draw Modes.
"See Inside" the project.
Press the 'h' key to hide all buttons.
Right click the stage and select "save to local file".
Press the 'h' key again to show the buttons again.

Notes and Credits

** Also see "Tessellator 2 - The Rotator" https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/123272426/ and "Tessellator 4 - Mini Squares https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/122393049/ by Scratch-Minion. **
A big thank-you to @griffpatch and @frodewin!
The Flood Fill code to colour the shapes and the Draw Line Segment code comes from "Color Detector Flood Fill v2.0" https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/14318033/ by @griffpatch who used the Color Detect script from @frodewin in that project.
Human and Wolf https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/123649900/ by RainierWu shows that you can draw one picture, then look at the empty space left and draw another picture in that space.

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