Dot Phase

by pack34
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~~~~Welcome to Dot Phase an original @pack34 game!

press space to go up, try to get to the top of the screen without touching the red dots! (you are the blue dot!) (you can also use the up arrow now!)


NOTE: sometimes, after getting to the top of the screen, you need to fall down a bit (let go of space) for the level to end!

NOTE: you can hold space!

NOTE:no two levels are the same, some levels are similar, but none are the same!

Notes and Credits

a love-it would be appreciated!

copy and paste these:
☁ ❤, ★,▲, ☑️,,▶️ ,⭐, ↓,◘, ✅ ⚡ ☞ ☜ ⌛️ ✙ ◆ ♂
2nd curation!

please tell me of any bugs/glitches!

what i'm working on: level 20!

[KNOWN PROBLEM] the first time you click on level 17, you will instantly lose, but just click it again and you can play!

play button from the project seen here:
art made by @konradel THIS ART IS AMAZING!!!
confeti from the project seen here:
coding - @pack34
idea @pack34
music - Try, Try (thanks to @bilbob28 for telling me)
all levels have been tested and are possible!

~~~~~Update Log!

9/17/16 - V1.00 - Release!
9/19/16 - V1.0.1 - fixed a glitch where sometimes you would spawn half way up the screen if you lost
9/21/16 - V1.0.1 - You can now use the up arrow to move up!
9/29/16 - V1.0.2 - increased the time of confeti "spawning" from every .6 seconds to every .3 seconds, please report to me if this makes it to laggy!
10/1/16 - V1.0.3 - slightly decreased the speed of the"more coming soon sign" to reduce lag
10/3/16 - V1.0.4 - reduced the confeti spawning to reduce lag!
10/7/16 - V1.0.5 - reduced confeti further, this seems to be the right place! please report to me if the game is still lagging!
10/18/16 - V1.0.6 - made the play button "bounce" even more when you first start the game

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